Boutique Art Space

Art Seasons gallery is nestled in the middle of the arts belt, in effect, at the heart of Singapore’s Museums District; right behind the campus of SOTA (School of the Arts).
Amidst the quaint surroundings, Art Seasons gallery offers an intimate and charming setting all the while surrounded by Asian Contemporary art. The teaching studio of ARTPLUS is housed inside Art Seasons Gallery. The studio space was designed to allow synergy between artmaking and art appreciation. On one hand visitors can feel free to pop by during class sessions to view students working on their artworks, on the other hand students can consistently immerse themselves in the new exhibits that are on display within the art gallery. 


  • The gallery is approximately 250 sqm.
  • The beautiful ambience makes it an unique environment for corporate events.
  • It's ideal for exclusive private conferences, product launches and television or movie filmings.
  • The space can accommodate up to 150 people for larger events or smaller groups for an intimate sit-down discussion.

Art studio

  • The studio space is approximately 90 sqm.
  • The space is brightly lid with a wide array of working flexibility.
  • The space can sit comfortably 14 adults during painting sessions with easels and side table, and about 24 adults with just tables and chairs.
  • Additional space can be made available if necessary.